Holi 2018: Pre and post skin and hair care tips for a safe and fabulous Holi

Holi is a festival of COLORS and happiness that brings a cheer on everyone’s faces. But this vibrant festival can also cause damage to your hair and skin, owing to the cheap oxidized metals or industrial dyes easily available in the market. Playing with COLORS during holi is fun but can be harmful to the skin as well, especially people with sensitive skin and tendency for skin allergy or eczema. Here are a few hair and skin care tips to make your Holi safe and joyful.

TIP #1. Use natural / herbal homemade COLORS: 

Use only herbal colors and homemade colors to protect your skin and hair.

TIP #2. Use a barrier cream: 

Apply any moisturizer or mustard oil in generous quantity on all exposed parts of the body. Let the skin absorb it for 20-30 minutes. Then apply waterproof sunscreen. Applying liberal layers of oil on the whole body and the hair is the most common way of protecting yourself from the hard-to-rinse dyes.

TIP #3. Petroleum Jelly: 

Apply Petroleum Jelly inside nails, feet, elbows, at the back of the ear. People with sensitive skin should avoid COLORS in sensitive areas of skin.

TIP #4. To avoid allergy: 

For those with a history of skin allergy or rash, take an anti allergic tablet on the previous night to avoid skin irritation and rash.

TIP #5. Oil your hair: 

Oil the hair well prior to color. Massage hair oil generously on scalp and hair length, this will protect hair from excessive dryness caused by COLORS.

However, if you don’t want to step out with oiled hair, blend style with functionality by using hair gel. Conditioning the hair, without rinsing it off, is another option.

TIP #6. Clothing: 

Try and wear clothes that cover most of the exposed body parts. This means step out in full sleeves and high neck clothes. Also, try wearing darker color more often.

Pro-tip- Wear a swimsuit under your clothes:

Wear a swimming suit under the dress so that it does not hold the harmful COLORS to your skin. For added protection wear cap and sunglasses throughout the water playing.

TIP #7. If the COLORS react or irritate the skin:

If the color has reacted against your skin then it should be immediately washed away with running water. While washing off the color, use lukewarm water and keep your eyes and lips tightly closed.

In case of any irritation or burning, calamine lotion can be applied. If the irritation persists, consult a dermatologist urgently. Antihistamines, topical steroids or antibiotics can be used. In severe reactions, Systemic Steroids may be used.

TIP #8. Skincare post-Holi: 

Despite all precautionary measures, you are most likely to end up being all green, pink and blue by the afternoon. While spending hours scrubbing off the Holi hues are part of the festive fun, make sure you use the right ingredients to do so.

TIP #9.

Avoid bleaching, waxing or facial for a week after holi (even before holi)

  TIP #10. DIY ways to get rid of the color: 

Lemon Juice- 

Lemon juice, for instance, is the most powerful natural whitening agent and is particularly effective for the fingers and nails. This should be applied and left for 15 to 20 minutes and washed off with warm water, and followed by a rich moisturizer.

Olive Oil- 

If the color doesn’t come off, apply some warm olive oil. Rub the skin with a soft cloth gently.

TIP#11. Post Holi hair care: 

Shampoo hair immediately after playing with color & don’t forget to condition your hair. If hair is too dry then warm oil accompanied with hot towel treatment should be given the next day. The hair should be washed with a mild shampoo as soon as possible and rinsed with either lemon juice or beer to bring back the shine.

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