In your quest to seek the Best Clinic for Stem cell therapy in Hyderabad, you have reached us. Stem Cell therapy by Ojas is an approved procedure with usage of autologous stem cells from adipose (Fat) tissue. These procedures are performed y board certified surgeons. Call us today on 9515106591. Stem Cell procedures are performed for treatment of skin, hair and joint therapies.

Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord injury, and heart diseases.See if Stem Cell Treatment is an option for you. See what treatments are available, what can be treated, and what to expect as far as results and costs, etc. What Are Stem cells? Great question. We’ll give you the simple and the complex, technical version. The important thing to know is that with the right stem cell treatment, you can get results in areas “modern” medicine can’t. Historically, there’s a lot of Controversy In Stem Cell Research and Treatment. A lot of people disagree with the ethics of using human fetal embryonic cells and animal cells, and there are also health and safety concerns. We use YOUR own stem cells because they are safer and more effective. No Dilemma, problem solved!

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Ojas’ Stem Cell Treatments

We, in India, pioneer and provide stem cell therapy as a viable treatment after extensive overseas training from the Doyens in the field. After many clinical trials, recorded results and standardization in adipose stem cell therapy, our goal is to return hope to those that are challenged, while providing for those that seek beauty and longevity. Stem cells treatments have virtually no side effects. A number of patients who had conditions such as autism, arthritis, emphysema and many other ailments have been treated without complications.

Stem Cell Procedures

Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Treatment Through the history of stem cell therapy and stem cell research, animal stem cells have been used, human embryonic stem cells, and now research has led us to a superior form of stem cell treatment… using a patient’s own stem cells. That’s Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Treatment. What Is Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Treatment? It is the harvesting of dormant stem cells from 100 cc’s of a patient’s fat & peripheral blood through liposuction. The harvested dormant stem cells are incubated growth factors, isolated and comfortably infused back into the patient intravenously. The entire procedure takes place within about 3 hours. Benefits of Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Treatment No Controversy: There have been decades of controversy over the use of animal stem cells in human patients, and in the ethics and safety of harvesting fetal embryonic stem cells. The autologous adipose stem cell process harvests stem cells from the patients own fat, and then introduces them back into the patient. No fuss, no dilemma. Everybody wins. More Effective: Stem Cell Research has proven autologous adipose stem cell therapy from a patient’s own harvested stem cells to be more effective that other, controversial stem cell therapies. Safer: Using your own stem cells is safe. Using the stem cells from a pig, which while close, is not human, can and does present a variety of safety issues. Introducing another human’s stem cells, while from the human species, poses its own set of potential problems since, obviously, these introduced stem cells are not the stem cells of the patient.

Treatment with Own Stem Cells

It is a four hour outpatient procedure involving the following: Harvest : Using a proprietary but simple procedure similar to tumescent liposuction, 100cc’s of adipose tissue is harvested from the patient Breakdown : The adipose tissue is then broken down using a combination of Lecithin solution, and a proprietary Cell Preparation Medium. Separate : Using standard techniques, the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) which contains Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) is separated from the fat cells. Isolate : : ASCs and other progenitor cells are then isolated from the SVF using standard techniques. Wash: The cells are then triple-washed with saline to remove any traces of the lecithin solution and cell preparation medium. Activate : The isolated ASCs are then suspended in the person’s own platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) growth factors and activated with AdiStem’s red/yellow/green laser. This ‘awakens’ or activates the dormant ASCs. Infuse : The cells are then administered back to the patient through one or more of the following modes of administration: 1. Intravenous 2. Fat Transfer 3. Topical Stem Cells are dispersed into the adjacent tissue and become smooth Stem Cells differentiate into component cell types and integrate with the target tissue or organ Stem Cells begin to secrete several essential growth factors (see list below) Stem Cells start to attract the growth of blood vessels to facilitate tissue formation Differences between this and other Stem Cell procedures Less painful than a bone marrow transplant More Adult Stem Cells per unit volume can be harvested (40-60 million in one application) No ethical or moral issues in harvesting adipose (fat) tissue as opposed to animal or fetal embryonic stem cells.

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